VU-student criminologie uit Australië

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My name is Madeleine van Basten Batenburg and I am a 21 year old student living in Melbourne, Australia.  I was born in Amsterdam and moved to Australia when I was 4. 

I live in an area of Melbourne called the Mornington Peninsula which is very close to the beach.  I really enjoy living down on the Peninsula but will move to the city soon. 

I am studying a double degree at Deakin University in Melbourne. My double degree is in Criminology and Law. I am starting my 3rd year of my degree and have another 2 years left.  I really enjoy it and can’t wait to start my career as a lawyer. 

As part of my studies, I have elected to go on a student exchange to Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.  I am very much looking forward to continuing my studies in Amsterdam and living in the beautiful city.

De Vicarie stimuleert dat studenten zich breed ontwikkelen en maatschappelijk en in het studentenleven actief zijn. Madeleine heeft voor het studiejaar 2018-2019 een studietoelage ontvangen van de Vicarie.