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The Vicarie supports students

The Vicarie Sancti Nicolai stimulates and supports academic education for its family members. Eligible students enrolled at an institution of higher education (e.g. university) can apply with the collator for a grant. Students that are temporary studying at a foreign university or wish to go abroad for internship or research can also apply for a scholarship.

Apply with the Collator for a scholarship

In accordance with the articles of association, ancient rules and customs, the collator appoints one or several beneficiaries. The collator can also appoint as beneficiary family members who do not bear the name of Van Basten Batenburg or Batenburg. Beneficiaries can be appointed for several years or for a yet unspecified period. The support always ends at the end of the studies.

Be enrolled at a university or college

The students have to be enrolled at a university or college (or another accredited educational institute). Seniors who re-enter the labour force (for example: you haven’t had a paid job because you wanted to fully focus on raising your children) and who want to study again are also eligible.

Amount of the scholarship

Yearly the board decides which sum can be allocated to the by the collator appointed male or female beneficiarie(s). The majority of the income of the foundation consists of the variable rent revenues from the estate that is received during the year.

Because the annual accounts are concluded after 1 April in the successive year, the grants were generally paid in the second quarter after each fiscal year. Starting in 2018, the study grants will be paid in the middle of the study – before Christmas.
The board decides on basis of the profit- and loss accounts of a year which sum can be paid out for the respective year.

The procedure: send a letter to the collator

Student can show their interest in a grant by contacting the collator or the secretary. (Planning: before November 1st).
Once a year the collator assesses the applications, makes a choice and sends his proposal to the board. (Planning: before december 15th). The board checks the decision with the articles of association and confirms the choice of beneficiarie(s). Next the treasurer carries out the resolution and remits the money to your account. (Planning: before December 25th). For example: it is planned to distribute the revenues of 2019 in december 2019.

What should you include in your letter or should be enclosed?

zonder_geld_6_imgpreview_picture_357_407_0_0_100The application should be addressed to the collator, but first contact the secretary by e-mail. Check contact.

If you are interested in a scholarship, please provide the secretary with the following information (by e-mail or post):

  • a curriculum vitae (résumé),
  • Information from your passport: surname, given names, nickname, date, place and country of birth,
  • full address information (including your e-mail address),
  • a recent pass photo,
  • an official document that shows that you were enrolled at a college, university or other institute of tertiary education,
  • the full names of your parents,
  • the motivation for your request for an allowance (do you face a real financial need, or is it just nice to have?),
  • bank account number (and all the information needed to transfer money from the Netherlands to your account, in case your request is accepted.)

If you submit an application for a study allowance, you also agree to the Foundation’s privacy policy.

Motivation and your inspiring plans

Of course the Foundation tries to help students who can count on less or no support from their parents, for whatever reason. It makes a difference whether the allowance is really necessary (make it plausible!), Desired or just fun. The amounts may therefore differ depending on the situation.

Make clear in your letter what your special ambitions or circumstances are. You have a greater chance of receiving a study allowance if you are ambitious or entrepreneurial, which can be demonstrated by your activities in student life or society. We think that if you develop broadly, society can better benefit from your talents and you as a student increase the chance of a job! So tell us something about your tough plans!