About the Vicarie

The foundation Vicarie Sancti Nicolai in The Netherlands


Transfix in deed of confirmation from 1502 of the establishment of the Vicarie foundation in 1501.

The Vicarie Sancti Nicolai is a late-medieval foundation that on a yearly basis provides allowances to students who emanate from the Van Basten Batenburg and Batenburg family. To this goal it manages its cultural heritage, keeping in mind the economical and social reality as it has changed since 1501.
The “Stichting Vicarie Sancti Nicolai van 27 october 1501” celebrated its 500th anniversary in 2001.

This page gives a short overview of the foundation and its main activities.

  • Goal
  • Request for Scholarships
  • Board of governors
  • Properties

The foundation “Stichting Vicarie Sancti Nicolai van 27 october 1501” was established over 500 years ago in Winterswijk. This is a city in the eastern part of the Netherlands – in the province Gelderland – close to the German border (one hour driving from Arnhem).
Since 1605 the income of this mediaeval foundation is being used for the support of students who emanate from the Batenburg or Van Basten Batenburg family.

Request for Scholarships
Yearly the ‘collator‘ decides how many students will get an allowance. The collator can also appoint relatives who do not bear the name Batenburg or Van Basten Batenburg. The support will always be stopped at the end of the study.

Board of governors
See link for more information about the  Collator and Board of governors.

Since 1782 these are the descendants of Maria Helena Catharina van Basten en Jan Hendrick (van) Batenburg from Groenlo. One branch is named ‘Batenburg’ and the other branch is named ‘Van Basten Batenburg’.



Road sign to country estate De Batenborgh close to the Arresveld at Winterswijk.

The properties of the foundation are the estate “De Batenborgh”, situated between Groenlo and Winterswijk in the Gelderland province The Netherlands, in addition to some stock investments. There is also a chapel owned by the Foundation.
Every year the treasurer produces a financial report. A copy can be requested from the secretary.

Updated: december 2022