Solar park contributes to 2030 climate objectives

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Solar park on De Batenborgh estate contributes to 2030 climate objectives

The Vicarie Sancti Nicolai Foundation in the Netherlands signed an agreement in principle with Solarcentury at the end of 2018 for a 7-hectare solar park, to develop on the Batenborgh estate. This area is located west of the municipality Winterswijk in the Netherlands. It is about the development of a temporary solar park for the duration of 25-30 years.

Projection of solar park on estate de Batenborgh at the western side of Winterswijk, the Netherlands

Projected location Zonnepark Winterswijk at the westside of Winterswijk, The Netherland

Solarcentury is a company that develops, builds and operates large solar parks. In addition to solar parks, it also builds solar installations on roofs for private individuals, but also on large industrial roofs.

Project website opened Click here for more info and the project website (Dutch).