Collator and Board

The collator

Jan Jaap van Basten Batenburg (2020)

Since June 11, 2020, Jan Jaap van Basten Batenburg (1933) from The Hague in the Netherlands has taken office as the 30th collator since its foundation in 1501.

For five hundred years, the Collator has determined to which students and under what conditions the Foundation’s income is allocated annually.

The collator is, in accordance with the deed of incorporation, old rules and custom, the oldest and closest legal male relative of the founder in male line and Dutch resident.

Since 1782 the descendants from the marriage of Maria Helena Catharina van Basten and Jan Hendrick (van) Batenburg from Groenlo in teh Netherlands. One branch of descendants from this marriage is called ‘Batenburg’ and the other branch is called ‘Van Basten Batenburg’.


The board

Rutger van Basten Batenburg


René Batenburg


Mathijs van Basten Batenburg






Since 2002, the board consists of Rutger III van Basten Batenburg (chairman), René Batenburg (treasurer) and Mathijs van Basten Batenburg (secretary).

The board consists of three people who meet the criteria to become a collator in due course. The board is appointed by and from the middle of the Electoral College.

The board has the task of managing the Foundation and managing the estate of the Vicarie (estate de Batenborgh). The board also recognizes a new collator and confirms the appointment of a student by the collator