Vicarie Foundation celebrates 510th anniversary

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Medieval Gelderland Foundation celebrates its 510th anniversary.

On October 27, 2011, one of the oldest medieval foundations in the Netherlands celebrated its 510th anniversary. It is the Vicarie Sancti Nicolai Foundation from Winterswijk, founded on October 27, 1501.

The Vicarie has been providing scholarships to students for centuries.

The festive meeting with invitees took place on Sunday afternoon October 2, 2011 at the Batenborgh estate of the Vicarie near Winterswijk.

In the current turbulent economic times, real estate appears to be a beacon of security. Country estate De Batenborgh shows that a continuous investment of 5 centuries in agricultural land has been a reliable, albeit low-yielding, investment.

The Vicarie also owns a chapel in Lievelde near Lichtenvoorde in the Netherlands. It was founded out of gratitude by people in hiding who survived the Second World War. The chapel has been selflessly maintained and decorated by local residents for many years.

On Saturday, October 1, an 81-year-old neighborhood resident from Lichtenvoorde was therefore honored during a meeting for relations on the Market in Winterswijk.