Solar parc

Development solar park of 7 ha. on the De Batenborgh estate contributes to climate objectives.

The solar park on Arrisveldweg is covering approximately 7.3 hectares and produces approximately 6.9 MWh of sustainable energy annually. This is sufficient for the electricity consumption of approximately 2000 households. This solar meadow maks a substantial contribution to the energy supply of Winterswijk and make it more sustainable, with 82,000 tons of CO2 profit over the next 30 years.

The Foundation Vicarie Sancti Nicolai owns the De Batenborgh estate on which the solar panels are installed. In order to improve the exploitation of the estate and foundation, to contribute to the climate objectives and to improve natural values, cooperation has been sought with Statkraft.

Setup and location

The panels are placed in an east-west arrangement with a roof construction. Each row has a width of 10 meters. The space between the panels is 1.5 meters. It is bordered by fencing, hedges and woods with shrubs.

The solar meadow is located on two plots west of the Beatrix Park in the outskirts of Winterswijk. East of the railway to Zutphen, near the Arrisveldweg and is intersected by a cycle path.

Energy neutral by 2030

By the solar park, the Foundation, as ‘good for eternity‘, makes also a nice contribution to a sustainable society and the climate objectives of the city Winterswijk!

The province of Gelderland aims to be climate neutral in its Environmental Vision ‘Gaaf Gelderland‘ by 2050. The Province wants to use 2030 as an intermediate step to go further in being climate neutral than the national agreements.

The generation of sustainable energy contributes to the ambition and energy vision (2017) of the municipality of Winterswijk to be energy neutral by 2030. Through 100%, clean, safe and healthy energy. The municipality is part of the Gelders Energy Agreement. This ambition is further fleshed out together with the region in the Regional Energy Strategy (RES). Although solar panels on roofs and yards are preferred (cf. the solar ladder), according to the municipality, at least 50 hectares of solar parks are also needed within 5 years.

Landscape integration, better biodiversity and a bench for walkers

The solar panels are integrated into the landscape with plants. The border of the ‘es’ (a high field), in the southern part, is be reinforced by a yong wood girth of oak with undergrowth of native species. The solar park is sown with a seed mixture for flower-rich grassland for nutrient-rich soils. The area is mowed in phases and no longer fertilized. Insect boxes will be placed on the strip next to the bicycle path that borders the sunbathing area. The insects benefit from the herbs and flowers on the sunbathing lawn and in turn make a positive contribution through pollination. A bench and an information board about the operation of the sunbathing area will be placed for passers-by.

About Statkraft (Solarcentury)

Solarcentury is a company that develops, builds and operates large solar parks. In addition to solar parks, it also builds solar installations on roofs for private individuals, but also on large industrial roofs. Solarcentury hasl become part of Statkraft (link in Dutch) in 2021.

Status en planning

On March 17, 2020, the Municipal Executive granted the permit for a solar park at Estate de Batenborgh and an SDE+ subsidy has now been awarded. The solarpark is operational since july 2021.